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Welcome to the Chevalier Theatre Web Site!

Chevalier Theater New Seats
photo by John Costas
click for larger image
The Chevalier Theatre is a full stage theater available for rent to concerts, shows, recitals, dance troupes, corporate meetings and any theatrical event. It's a stage theater with performances open to the public (see our events page), and it is an ongoing historical restoration project- your tax deductible donation is appreciated!
Outside the Chevalier
photo by John Costas
click for larger image

Theater Features:

  • Rental costs for the Theatre are much less than those of the major houses in Boston.
  • Located near Medford Square, conveniently close to Boston.
  • Full handicap access including two elevators, one for patrons and one for actors and the stage.
  • Full orchestra pit for 60 musicians.
  • Eight dressing rooms.
  • Concession/sales space.
  • 2 restrooms for dressing area, 2 public restrooms for patrons.
  • Seats: 1,350 on main floor, 711  Balcony (2,061 total).
  • Fifth largest house in the Boston area.
  • Full 43' foot stage with rigging and lighting.
  • Two seating floors.
  • Acoustically, the building is near perfect, with no standing waves.
  • When you rent the theater, we advertise your show on this Web site in our Events Page.

Video Bonus!

See the Chevalier Theater spring to life in this fun time-lapse You Tube Video of the renovation of the Chevalier Theater main floor seats! Just click on the arrow to start the video! (Tip: When the video starts, click on the HQ button for a better picture).


Building and History:

The Theatre is a steel concrete structure with Greek Revival exterior and Art Deco interior (take a tour!). It was named for and dedicated to the World War I flying Ace and hero, Godfrey Chevalier (the first man to land a plane on an aircraft carrier). The theater is a protected historical site.

Welcome to the Chevalier Theatre Web Site!


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