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The Chevalier Theatre is located in Medford, Massachusetts, adjacent to Medford Square and next to the U.S. Post Office. It is reachable from Rte 93, Rte 28, Rte 60 and Rte 16. Public Transportation is also available.

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Air Travel   •  Drive/Maps   •  Public Transportation  •  Amenities


Air Travel:

The closest airport to Medford, MA is Logan Airport. If you are coming to Medford by air, you would fly to Logan, and then either drive from LOGAN to MEDFORD, or take public transportation (the MBTA). Taxicab service is also available, at a cost.

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Driving Map:

MapQuest Image
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image by MapBlast!

The Street Address is:
30 Forest Street
Medford, MA 02155

The Chevalier Theatre is listed in MapBlast and MapQuest. MapBlast shows the location in relation to major roads and thoroughfares, while MapQuest shows the location in relation to local streets.

Parking Map:


The Chevalier Theatre has plenty of parking located near the theater in several areas around Medford Square. Click here or on the map image for a parking map.

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Public Transportation:

MBTA (the "T"): Medford Square is on several MBTA bus routes and busses to Medford Square depart from a variety of locations throughout the Metro Boston area. To find a bus route to Medford Square, please visit the MBTA Web site ( and choose the routes/schedules options. Look for busses that travel to MEDFORD.

Railroad: If you are traveling to MEDFORD by AMTRAK or Commuter rail, these trains terminate at North and South Stations (depending on where you are coming from).

The HAVERHILL commuter rail line stops at Malden Center. You can transfer to a bus to Medford Square from Malden Center. See the MBTA Web site for full details.

There is an interchange with the MBTA subway system at North and South Stations if you want to use public transportation, or you can drive or take a taxicab to Medford from these stations.

Commercial Bus Lines: If you are traveling to MEDFORD by commercial bus (Greyhound, for example), you will have to go to Boston (the major terminal is at South Station) and then take public transportation, drive, or a taxicab from there. Contact your bus company of choice for Boston area terminal details.

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AmeriSuites HotelAmenities:

Hotel: AmeriSuites located just outside of Medford Square and is within walking distance of the Chevalier Theatre.

Restaurants, stores, etc:

Medford Square contains a number of restaurants, pharmacies and convenience stores within a few blocks from the Chevalier Theatre. Most are easily within walking distance and restaurants vary from fast food to moderately priced sit down dinners. There is a CVS Pharmacy also located in MEdford Square.

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The restoration of the Chevalier Theatre takes time, money and a great deal of work. The volunteer commission does the work gladly, knowing that they are helping in the noble rescue of a magnificent building that will inspire generations to come. If YOU would like to help, please click here for a donation/information form. We'd love to hear from you... and Thanks!


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